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Feb 16, 2014

Children: Adding an Addition

Passage: Ephesians 6:1-4

Preacher: Pastor Tim W. Young

Series: Building Families That Last

Category: Ephesians


Ephesians 6:1-4; Psalm 127: 1-5


Building Families That Last - #5 – 2/16/2014

Children – Building An Addition


See Your Children a God’s Gift to Be Raised God’s Way Within God’s Plan


1. Your Children are God’s Gift on Loan to You


               God’s Word always shows children as…


                              Gen 1:27-28        Gen 33:5              Ps 127:3


               God’s Word always shows childlessness as…


                              Gen 16:2              Gen 20:17-18





                              Job 1:21




2. Your Children Are God’s Trust to Be Raised God’s Way


               You must…


                              By…                                                   Prov 22:6


                              By                                                       Eph 6:4


               You must…


                              Prov 13:24, Prov 19:18, Prov 23:13-14, Prov 29:15-17






3. Your Children Are part of God’s Greater Plan


               When they leave home…..


                              Eph 5:31


               When they leave God…


                              Pray – Job 1:43-45


                              Put….                                  Rom 8:28