Global Outreach

Living Hope is privileged to participate in the support of foreign missions directly through its denominational giving.  The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) supports missionaries in countries all over the world, especially among unreached people groups, as can be seen on the map link below.

OPC Global Missions

Living Hope has often hosted OPC missionaries on furlough, who visit the church and present information on their work.  We regularly communicate prayer requests to our congregation.  We also host non-OPC missionaries and provide an opportunity for them to acquaint our congregation with the work they are doing in other countries.  

Living Hope encourages church members to experience the mission field for themselves.  Church members have participated in trips to Uganda, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti, Liberia and Greece.


Come join us for Sunday Worship at: Living Hope OPC, 330 Schantz Rd., Allentown, PA 18104

Mail us at: Living Hope OPC, PO Box 3522, Allentown PA 18106