Covid-19 Guidelines



This is an outline of precautions we are taking and the necessary procedures we recommend to those of you who plan to attend LHOPC. These precautions and procedures are a way for us to care for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and to abide by recommended guidelines to protect our congregants.

Please plan to arrive early. Due to Live Streaming, we need to start the service promptly at 10:45am.  Given the guidelines outlined below, it will take some extra time to get everyone in and settled for the 10:45 start. 

We ask that if any of you have any symptoms of being sick, in any way, you please refrain from attending until you feel better.  Also, we ask that each of you plan to come prepared to accept the “precautions” we are taking to help ensure a safe and healthy reopening.  Those precautions are listed below, but at the very least:

  • plan to have a face mask and wear it before and after the actual worship service,
  • plan to sit in an appropriate “seating pod” (we have arranged chairs in groupings of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6), for the number in your group,
  • plan to try to stay six feet apart (social distancing) while visiting with each other,
  • plan to see some physical changes to the sanctuary as you enter, and
  • plan to have a wonderful time of Sunday worship at Living Hope.


Below we have listed the Precautions and set up that LHOPC has and will take this Sunday and into the near future.


STEPS we are taking.

  • The church seating has been rearranged so that the “seating pods” are at least 6 feet apart.
  • ALL Hymnals have been removed.
  • The church will be cleaned and sanitized prior to our gatherings.
  • Live Streaming and recording will continue into the foreseeable future.
  • We ask your help with carrying out the guidelines listed below.



  • For entering, use only the front door NO side entrance. You are welcome to exit by any door.
  • The front door of church will be propped open.
  • Upon entering, a greeter will use a Temperature scanner to check all entrants’ temperature.
  • Upon entering, hand sanitizer will be offered for everyone's use if desired.
  • The greeter will remind everyone to wear a mask before and after the service.
  • A limited number of face masks will be available for anyone who forgot their mask.
  • There will be NO programs or handouts. Everything needed for corporate worship will be provided on the overhead.



  • All classroom doors are closed and locked. Classrooms will not be used.



  • The Nursery will be locked; it is not available for use.
  • There is a changing table in the Ladies bathroom.



  • All bathroom doors will be propped open and will remain open.



  • The Kitchen will be locked; it is not available for use. Coffee and snacks will not be available.



  • All doors will be propped open and will remain open.
  • There is recording equipment at the back of the sanctuary, please be careful to not knock into it.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available to use before and AFTER the service for people on their way in and out of the Sanctuary.
  • A “Tithe Box” will be placed at the entrance to the sanctuary so you can place any tithes and offerings in it. NO collection will be taken during the service.


We pray that the precautions and plans listed above will allow for us to worship in a healthy manner, while still providing a worship time that brings glory to our Father.

Rev. 5/21/2020