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Aug 04, 2019

A King Who Points Us to THE King

Passage: 1 Samuel 21:10

Preacher: Pastor Tim W. Young

Series: Lessons From David's Life

Category: 1 Samuel


Main Text - 1 Samuel 21:10


Learning from Life of David – 8/4/2019

“A King Who Points Us to THE King ”

1 Samuel 21

   1 Samuel 21:10 (ESV) 10  And David rose and fled that day from Saul 


 Even in Our Most Desperate Moments God Does not let His Children Go but Provides for and Guides Us all our lives, And especially Forgives Us


  1. David’s Dilemma Points To Our Poverty and God’s Provision


  1. Look what David Asks for from who he asks it. Vss 3-9


  1. Consider the High Priest’s Response in Light of your needs


                                Was he wrong?     Mat 12:1-12 –  

                                                Psalm 34:8 - 10

                                Remember God’s promise Mat 6 –  


  1. David’s Dilemma Points To Our Ignorance and God’s Guidance


  1. Look where David went (vss 10-15)   


  1. Consider David’s behavior and our daily decisions

                                Ps. 34:17

                                Mat. 10:16 –  

                                James 1:5 –  


                Then you follow God’s guidance and the world thinks you are ___________


III. David’s Dilemma Points Us To Our Sin and God’s Savior.


  1. Look what David did – Vss 1-2


                He lied to the High Priest  - but was it a lie or not


  1. Consider David’s Greatest need and our need.  


                God who spared not his son, how will he not give us all things…


                                Ps 34:12-14 –  

                                1 Sam 22:22 –  


                1 Sam 16:13 – Conviction of sin –                                  John 16:7-


                Psalm 51 - Covering for sin -             Psalm 51:1  .          Hebrews 4:15  


One King went crazy and went free


One King went truthful and  went to Calvary